The Way to Earn Gold Quickly in Blade & Soul Before lvl20

There’s been a lot of discussion on how to make more in Blade & Soul gold. The main ways of earning gold in game are solo dungeons, auction house and sub professions. Today we will talk about solo dungeon to earn gold in Blade & Soul before level 20.

First of all, the dungeon we choose is “幻夜森林” which locates in “黑森林”. There are abundant spoils and odds and ends which can sell to NPC in this dungeon. You can earn about 20-40 copper coins by finishing this dungeon each time.

You had better choose a class which has AOE skill, such as Destroyer, Lyn blade master and force Master. Pull all monsters to the end of dungeon and kill them together. Use potion of healing when you are below 50% health. In test, I cost a potion each time.

There are many yellow brass weapons in the spoils which you can feed your own weapon. The cost of feeding yellow brass weapons each time is 1 copper coin which is the cheapest in the game. You also can sell them in the auction house by about 5 copper coins each.

“锁定御龙林武器” is also a good spoil which is a necessity in Breakthrough Stage. Once your equipment reaches to Grade 5(max level), you need a specific Grade 5(max level) equipment to be promoted to Grade 6. This is Breakthrough.

There are also many Bo-pae, Keys, gems and talisman in the spoils. Therefore this is a must-go dungeon if you want farm gold and materials in the game.

Next time I will talk about auction house, and don’t miss bns gold. By the way, as an Assassin, dealing with a bunch of monsters is a disaster, but I still make it. Good luck to you guys.

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